Windows 10 IoT Core

I just received my Raspberry Pi 2 Model B with Windows 10 IoT Core preinstalled from Adafruit. Here are my initial observations:

  • Unlike Raspbian or other Linux distributions there really isn’t much you can do in headed mode. The entire UI is just a single screen which shows you status info and lets you configure a few hardware settings. This is not Windows 10 people, nor is it even Windows Phone 10. You will have to perform most operations from a connected PC.
  • It doesn’t seem terribly stable, at least at first. I had to reboot it (by pulling out the power cord) 2-3 times within the first half hour as it lost network connection (wired).
  • Speaking of network, the wifi is a little flakey. Once in a while it will lose the network interface. I’m using the official Raspberry Pi wifi dongle.
  • Wow the USB ports on the Pi are super tight. I had to use extreme force to jam the wifi USB dongle in.
  • The next day as soon as I booted up I was faced with a black screen and spinning gears. I assumed it was configuring something? Turns out it was installing a huge Windows 10 IoT Core update, but without any sort of text on the screen you were left to guess what is going on. It took at least half and hour. You have no control over when the device will reboot and install an update. I’m not sure that makes for a reliable sensor / unattended device.

Since then I’ve setup my PC and started interfacing with the RPi2 with Windows 10 IoT Core. Stay tuned and I’ll keep you updated on my progress.


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