Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 10.24.43 AMI’m currently a senior software engineer in IBM Analytics. My role is to provide technical competitive coverage for a range of IBM products. I cover products in our DevOps, Enterprise Social Services, Mobile platform, and IoT portfolio. That means I have to be familiar with both our products as well as those of the competition such as Microsoft and Google.
My role is both internal as well as external facing. On the one hand I travel around the world delivering a series of roadshows to customers touting the competitive advantages of our products vis-à-vis the competition. This is a half-day session where 2 of us will deliver both presentations as well as technical demos to showcase our superiority. On the other hand I consult with the product development teams to keep them abreast of the competition and to make them aware of areas where we need to improve. At the same time I also help our field sales folks close deals where there is a significant competitive threat, whether it’s a greenfield, head to head, or defend opportunity.
Before this I was a strategy consultant with our Business Consulting Services practice. I worked mainly with financial service/insurance clients to help them align their business strategy with technology initiatives. I would come in, conduct interviews with the client to understand their goals, assess their current infrastructure, and then apply a model such as heatmaps, component business modeling, BCD, etc to help them prioritize. By  the end of each engagement I would create a roadmap for implementation.
I started out in IBM as a solutions consultant where I worked with clients across Asia Pacific and the Americas implementing software solutions built on IBM platforms. In the beginning this was primarily using Domino, but over time grew to include WebSphere and Commerce.


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